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Shopping District Update (SMP)

Introducing the new shopping district and shopping system to our SMP!

We're using a plugin called ChestShop. It's a vanilla-friendly way to automate the shopping process, improving our players' experiences on the SMP!

Buying or Selling

Shops can be setup using signs. The buyer can either right-click to buy the item and its quantity that is listed, or can left-click to sell the item listed to the shop owner. When selling, ...

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Season 4 News

To begin, I hope you had an amazing Christmas! 🎄❄

  • So, I'll begin by giving you the unfortunate news that season 4 will not be releasing during this holiday. Instead, we are aiming for the next upcoming holiday. This is because we do not want to rush the final stages of it, and consequently release an unpolished SMP that is not the quality we would have liked for it to be. The team and I have spent countless hours on this project for you all, so we think it would be a shame to rush the very final stages of it. 
HOWEVER, it's not all bad news. 
  • We've had a ...
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Introducing Player Referrals

Want to earn some FREE mystery boxes in the hub? All you have to do is invite a friend to our Discord server!
Requirements  📌 

They must be an active Minecraft player.

You must create your own invite link to our Discord server so we can track it.

DO NOT spam invite links, only invite your friends/family (if you feel they would appreciate it and if you have ...

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I am delighted to announce that our new branding has finally arrived...

Introducing the new GalaxyWay logo and icon!  🎉 

Our new branding will slowly be rolled out to our various platforms up until season 4, where it will finally be added in-game on the day of release. Today, our Discord will receive an update with the new branding to make it more aesthetically pleasing! Moreover, soon it will also be implemented into the website.


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It's been a while, so I think you all deserve an update on how season 4 development is going!

The New Logo

I have hired an illustrator to professionally design a new logo and icon for GalaxyWay. It will give the server a more professional brand, and will offer us more opportunities for the network in the future. It will also be a better representation of our brand - a Minecraft network.

New Ranks

Soon, I'll begin work on creating new ranks for our network. This is because right now, the server simply isn't sustaining itself, and hasn't been f...

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