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It's been a while, so I think you all deserve an update on how season 4 development is going!

The New Logo

I have hired an illustrator to professionally design a new logo and icon for GalaxyWay. It will give the server a more professional brand, and will offer us more opportunities for the network in the future. It will also be a better representation of our brand - a Minecraft network.

New Ranks

Soon, I'll begin work on creating new ranks for our network. This is because right now, the server simply isn't sustaining itself, and hasn't been f...

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Introducing our brand new resource pack!

It currently adds a custom pause screen, but there may be more to come soon!


How do I use this new resource pack?

When you add GalaxyWay as a server, simply set "Server Resource Packs" to "Enabled" or "Prompt"... it's as easy as that! 

If you have already added GalaxyWay to your server list, just click "Edit" and do the above step.


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Our brand new website just launched into the galaxy(Way)! Here's some of its awesome new features...


Option to easily login with Discord

Whole-Site Redesign

Updated Rules

Bug reports, Appeals and Player reports

New Forum

More info such as our branding, jobs, etc

Updated Voting

And more!


All previous...

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Minecraft 1.19 just released a few weeks ago! The Wild Update offers some amazing new features - you could say that they're out of this world! With that being said, when will GalaxyWay be updated to 1.19? This announcement will give you some information regarding 1.19 and Season 4 of the SMP.


Soon, the SMP will be temporarily closing to mark the end of Season 3. We have big plans for Season 4, so we will need some time to prepare for it. The plan is that Season 4 will be on 1.19, however a confirmation of this will be...

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