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Welcome! 👋

Here you can buy cosmetic ranks to improve your experience on the GalaxyWay Network, whilst supporting us at the same time!

Info for Parents

So what is this, and why does your child want to spend money on a Minecraft server? We're glad you asked. To begin, a Minecraft server is a multiplayer world(s) setup that players can join and enjoy! Many servers offer different gamemodes to choose from, such as minigames, or more chill survival servers. But unfortunately, Minecraft servers require a lot of time, effort, and also money to keep running effectively. Whether it be the monthly costs of hosting the servers themselves, or money spent on improving the server, the fact is that it isn't cheap. Therefore, we setup this store to help us sustain the server. Players start out with the default rank, but we sell other ranks that can improve the experience for your child. That being said, most perks are cosmetical only - this is so that it makes the experience a bit more enjoyable for your child, but also doesn't worsen the experience for those that don't buy a rank - the server remains fair and non pay to win. This also ensures that the server complies with Minecraft's EULA, which is an agreement made when downloading the game between the player and Mojang (the developers of Minecraft). We hope this explains it more clearly, and we really appreciate all of your support!

All payments are handled securely by Tebex.