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Elzen1 Senior Moderator Member
Elzen1 2 months ago
Hello There! I'm TisntElzen and I'm a moderator here on GalaxyWay. If you have any questions or issues on the network, you can open a Discord ticket or email the team - we are always very happy to help! Enjoy your time on GalaxyWay! TisntElzen
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Get yourselves ready for GalaxyWay Season 4!

Season 4 is going to be super exciting and  is almost here! The Team can't wait for the new world and all the things it will bring. As Gappled said, Season 4 will follow some base lore, which is completely new to the Network and will make it that bit more enjoyable.

But what are you waiting for? GalaxyWay may not have updated yet, but you can still hop onto play.galaxyway.org to explore Season 3 and all the great builds our members have made, and see the preparations for the new world for yourself!

That's all for now! The Team is looking forward to seeing you on GalaxyWay!

Minecraft 1.19 Release and Important Season 4 Info 2 months ago

Wow! The new website design looks great! Well done Gappled!

Website Redesign 2 months ago