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Announcement Minecraft 1.19 Release and Important Season 4 Info
Gappled Founder & CEO
Owner Member
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9 months ago

Minecraft 1.19 just released a few weeks ago! The Wild Update offers some amazing new features - you could say that they're out of this world! With that being said, when will GalaxyWay be updated to 1.19? This announcement will give you some information regarding 1.19 and Season 4 of the SMP.


Soon, the SMP will be temporarily closing to mark the end of Season 3. We have big plans for Season 4, so we will need some time to prepare for it. The plan is that Season 4 will be on 1.19, however a confirmation of this will be given on its release. Season 4 is probably going to be different from the other seasons of the SMP, providing more unique content so we can try and improve the experience for you, our players. Currently, the date that the SMP will be closing is unknown. However, it should be soon.


⇨ Season 4 will follow some base lore, that can then be adapted as we progress through the season. Don't worry - it is not fully scripted at all, there's simply a base idea for Season 4 to follow. That being said, be prepared for some more exciting information to come soon regarding season 4! Many thanks.


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GappledGod | Founder & CEO of GalaxyWay

TisntElzen Vulcan Member
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8 months ago

Get yourselves ready for GalaxyWay Season 4!

Season 4 is going to be super exciting and  is almost here! The Team can't wait for the new world and all the things it will bring. As Gappled said, Season 4 will follow some base lore, which is completely new to the Network and will make it that bit more enjoyable.

But what are you waiting for? GalaxyWay may not have updated yet, but you can still hop onto play.galaxyway.org to explore Season 3 and all the great builds our members have made, and see the preparations for the new world for yourself!

That's all for now! The Team is looking forward to seeing you on GalaxyWay!

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