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Announcement Important Season 4 News
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5 months ago

Season 4 News

To begin, I hope you had an amazing Christmas! 🎄❄

  • So, I'll begin by giving you the unfortunate news that season 4 will not be releasing during this holiday. Instead, we are aiming for the next upcoming holiday. This is because we do not want to rush the final stages of it, and consequently release an unpolished SMP that is not the quality we would have liked for it to be. The team and I have spent countless hours on this project for you all, so we think it would be a shame to rush the very final stages of it. 
HOWEVER, it's not all bad news. 
  • We've had a look at the results in our polls Discord channel,, and are therefore going to release a semi-vanilla SMP in the mean time. This will be replacing "season 4", and will follow a similar style to our previous seasons. This season of the SMP will carry on even after the release of the previously named "season 4", because we know that many of you prefer vanilla gameplay. That being said, this SMP we are releasing (in the next few days, hopefully) will not be completely vanilla; it will have a few minor additions and quality of life updates, but nothing that majorly affects the vanilla experience will be added. This season will have no lore, and will just be a standard SMP, similar to our previous seasons.


  • The previously named "season 4" will be rebranded with a new name, which we have not yet finalised. For the sake of this announcement, we'll call it "Idk A Name Yet Lol". And don't worry, this will not be the final name - or will it...? Anyway, we will aim to release this at the start of the next holiday. It will be feature rich with unique lore, an awesome map, and epic new features (non-vanilla features). It will encourage teamwork and determination, and who knows, maybe you will even be able to build a thriving civilisation out of the few resources that will be available to you? Whilst we'll not disclose the storyline behind it yet, we'll give you a hint 🚀


  • To conclude, whilst "Idk A Name Yet Lol" (previously known as season 4) will not be releasing this holiday, we will be pushing out a brand new semi-vanilla season of our SMP in the next few days, which will be our new season 4. This will remain even after the release of "Idk A Name Yet Lol". The upcoming game mode of "Idk A Name Yet Lol" will be replacing Lifesteal for the time being, as our Lifesteal game mode has not been very popular recently (even prior to the server issues with it).  This was done for many reasons, such as to ensure we do not rush the final stages of "Idk A Name Yet Lol" , and to appeal to both player bases: those that like custom, non-vanilla features, and those that simply prefer vanilla Minecraft with friends.

At GalaxyWay, we strive to deliver you a high quality Minecraft multiplayer experience, so we hope you understand our decision on this. Huge credit to @BakedHeinzBean for suggesting this, I really appreciate it, and I believe it is the right move to satisfy all of our players. He has been dedicated to this server for such a long time now, and I cannot thank him enough for it! Furthermore, I'd like to give a big thank you to our staff team for making the previously named "season 4" possible! We've together worked incredibly hard, and I can't wait for you to see the currently unnamed game mode when it finally releases next holiday! You'll be pinged on Discord when our semi-vanilla SMP releases, which will hopefully be in a few days! Anyway, that's all for now!

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GappledGod | Founder & CEO of GalaxyWay