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Announcement Player Referrals
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6 months ago

Introducing Player Referrals

Want to earn some FREE mystery boxes in the hub? All you have to do is invite a friend to our Discord server!
Requirements  📌 

They must be an active Minecraft player.

You must create your own invite link to our Discord server so we can track it.

DO NOT spam invite links, only invite your friends/family (if you feel they would appreciate it and if you have their permission).

You can only earn one set of referral rewards per friend that you invite (don't spam by constantly joining and leaving our server).


Reward 💎

For each friend you invite that joins our Discord server, you will win...

A 2☆ mystery box

100 mystery dust


Our Aim 📈 

This new system has been established to grow our server, especially in time for season 4. With your help, we can make amazing things happen!

This referral system will carry on indefinitely until otherwise mentioned.


Disclaimer 📝 

We are not responsible if you spam your invite link to our Discord server; we have stated that you must only send this to your friends/family if they would be fine with it and you have their permission. Do note that spamming your invite link anywhere may result in sanctions. Furthermore, they must be an active Minecraft player. If any of the requirements are not met, we reserve the right to not give you any of the rewards. We additionally reserve this afore-mentioned right for any reason, even if the requirements are met. You can only earn one set of referral rewards per player. Please be patient by waiting at least 24 hours before opening a ticket if you have not received your rewards.

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GappledGod | Founder & CEO of GalaxyWay