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Announcement Branding Update
Gappled Founder & CEO
Owner Member
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6 months ago

I am delighted to announce that our new branding has finally arrived...

Introducing the new GalaxyWay logo and icon!  🎉 

Our new branding will slowly be rolled out to our various platforms up until season 4, where it will finally be added in-game on the day of release. Today, our Discord will receive an update with the new branding to make it more aesthetically pleasing! Moreover, soon it will also be implemented into the website.


This cost a lot of money, so I would really appreciate your support for season 4, as it would mean a lot to see many players enjoying a new storyline, with some awesome features!


We hope you enjoy our new branding, and our looking forward to the release of season 4! Also... HAPPY ADVENT! 🎄 

Note: Attached above are images showcasing our new logo and icon. These are owned by GalaxyWay and cannot be used without prior permission from us. We own the rights to this new logo and icon. You are not permitted to sell/distribute this new logo and icon. Many thanks!

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GappledGod | Founder & CEO of GalaxyWay

TisntElzen Vulcan Member
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6 months ago

Amazing new logo design! A great improvement from the last that I am sure will help with the development of GalaxyWay!

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