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Announcement Spooktacular Season 4 Progress Update
Gappled Founder & CEO
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7 months ago

It's been a while, so I think you all deserve an update on how season 4 development is going!

The New Logo

I have hired an illustrator to professionally design a new logo and icon for GalaxyWay. It will give the server a more professional brand, and will offer us more opportunities for the network in the future. It will also be a better representation of our brand - a Minecraft network.

New Ranks

Soon, I'll begin work on creating new ranks for our network. This is because right now, the server simply isn't sustaining itself, and hasn't been for a long time. Whilst I am running the network out of passion, I also need to monetise it more to ensure I can keep this project alive. I really appreciate those who have donated in the past - it means the world to me, and helps me keep working on GalaxyWay. I appreciate your kindness and generosity. However, I'm afraid I still need to aim to monetise the network more. The new ranks will have specific prices, each with varying perks. Their names will also be galaxy/space themed, so let me know in #đŸ’¬â”‡general if you have any ideas. Thanks, and I appreciate your understanding on this upcoming monetisation change.


The new lore will simply act as a base storyline that determines the features of the starting world and the circumstances of it. I do want to stress that it will **not** be a scripted season though. Furthermore, huge credit to all our staff members, especially our @Lore Department for building and thinking of the crucial elements to shape this coming season's storyline. Additionally, development on S4 is going well.


More development updates may be coming soon. Other than that, I hope you have a spooktacular Halloween! Mwahahahaha...

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GappledGod | Founder & CEO of GalaxyWay